Listing Instructions

How to Register


First, click LogIn / Register then click the word Register (below sign-in box) to create an Account. Enter a Username (a name you can remember – your choice) and a valid email address. Once registration is complete – check your email to get a link to establish (reset) your Password (copy your password or write it down) Next, use your registered Username and Password to Log-in.

 Tips on Registration


After Registration is submitted, check your email. You should have a message similar to: “To set your password, visit the following address”. Click the First Link shown below this message. You should now be at Owner Real Estate Login with a secure Password.  Copy it (right click mouse) Finally, Log-in using your Username and Enter or Paste your secure Password.

How To create a Listing


Sign-in and click Add from Main Menu. Start completing the Ad Form and Adding Photos (if applicable).Note: Be sure to edit each photo. A window will pop-up and you will need to select the photo you want to be the ‘main photo. ‘ (Add descriptions for each each photo you use; like kitchen, bath, backyard fence etc.) At the bottom of the form select the initial Length of Time (45 Day, 90 Day or 180 Day you wish to have your listing visible. Click Preview (edit if necessary). Click Place Order to submit.your Listing. An Invoice screen will appear and redirect you to Paypal to select your method of payment. Finally, make payment. Congrats, your new Listing will start showing after payment is confirmed.


How To Edit or Manage Your Listing


Sign-in, then click Manage. All of your Listings will be displayed in a List format. Click the Edit option for the Listing you’re trying to View, Edit or Delete. Make changes and click Update (at bottom of screen). Click View or Adverts to show your change(s)