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Welcome to Owner Real Estate. This website provides real estate advertising services to people who want to buy, sell, lease or rent their own private property without using a real estate agent or broker. Owner Real Estate is not a licensed real estate broker / agent and does not provide real estate brokerage services in connection with your property listings.

We offer an online advertising platform that enables real estate owners to list their For Sale, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), House For Rent , Apartment For Rent, Property For Lease, I Buy Homes, Want To Trade, Owner Financing, Want To Buy, Want To Rent, Bank Foreclosures and more. These real estate offerings originate directly from buyers and sellers who desire to engage other individuals on a private one-on-one low cost basis.


Listing Fees: Introductory Offer


•  45 Day Listing             $9.95


•  90 Day Listing             $15.95


•  180 Day Listing           $24.95


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